Paris Sweet Paris



Perhaps there isn't a city in the world as captivating as Paris. A city where life radiates an elegant intensity rarely found; where beautiful monuments abound, charming old alleyways remain and where the multitude and unique quarters are haunted by strange and eccentric characters; a city whose many personalities could be said to belong to each of its cosmopolitan visitors.  It is a city that becomes that which you seek; whoever you may be.

Unfortunately, the perceived reputation of this Queen of all Cities doesn’t live up to its actual charm and beauty. You may share the image, nurtured by many, that Paris is a city of hurried and indifferent individuals, of indelicate and pushy shop dealers, grudgingly serving newcomers or tourists.

Seek the advice of our professional guides and consultants and watch that image vanish like a puff of Gauloise smoke.  We promise you’ll want to make Paris your own Home away from Home. You'll learn to avoid tourist traps and find your way in and around this magnificent metropolis, which hides a hundred villages in her embrace. The rules are simple when you try to describe Paris’s true image; it is an amusing, tender, kindly face.

There are places galore to taste the excellent produce of France, to discover the exquisite cuisine, and the many unexplored secrets, and to spoil yourself...where tourists are still welcomed with warmth and grace.

We know how to pamper your passions, and by sharing our wisdom on what to do, and where to go, we will make Paris the capital of your heart for ever and a day.